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To make a reservation in www.cubavacationpeople.com, the procedure is very simple: Through the listing of Descripción: arrendadordivisa 2 Casas Particulares that can you open up in the Home Page, you can look for:

-       the house that you would like to rent in some Havana region or in another part of the country (Beaches, Viñales, Trinidad, Santiago de Cuba, etc.);

-       with the type of lodging you prefer (room, independent apartment, independent house);

-       the  number of rooms (limited to 1 or 2 rooms by official regulations);

-       and the appropriated price according to your budget.  


Once you have chosen the house (or houses), please go to the right on the upper part of the page of that house and send an e-mail by clicking on our logo (shown below). This should open your e-mail application with the address being shown in the "To:" box. 


Descripción: correo @


For reserving you should write the dates you want to be lodged, how many people will be and how many rooms you need. I remind you that you will receive the offer of the price of the room and that for that price can be lodged up to 2 adults and their children up to 17 years old. 


If you want to get lodging in other different place (or places) on Cuba, you can find it in our Home Page clicking in the point named "Searching for other places of Cuba", where you will find how to request lodging service in any other different place along the country. 


All the houses that we list have access to an electronic mail address. Have patience for the answer, because most of the owners of houses don't inspect their electronic mail daily. Just a part of them has connection at home.


We don't show the electronic mail addresses directly in our lists - we use clickable images - to avoid the Cubans to be spam victims taken place by hunters of addresses that today are plentiful.


If you wish to do it:


-       Phone the owners directly from your country: international phone rates to Cuba may seem dear to some, but it should not take you more than two minutes to call direct to Cuba and have sufficient time to book by human voice.


-       Dialing from Canada or the USA 011 53 (add city code and phone number).
Dialing from Europe, UK and Mexico 00 53 (add city code and phone number)


-       If it gets you difficulty or you have any doubt, we suggest you to write to our webmaster and he will attend you immediately. Remember that this website is a part, a tool of our association of casa particular owners.





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