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Who we are

Who we are? 


At the end of the year 2009 our group of proprietors of casas particulares in Cuba decided to create our own Web Site, in Spanish and in English languages, where we could disclose the services that we offer in our houses showing who we are and giving to know our telephone numbers and addresses and our mailboxes where you can write to us establishing a direct communication. Among us there are people of all type, architects, doctors, artists, investigators, teachers, lawyers, regular home-makers, single moms or retired couples, etc. who comply with the basic norms demanded by the government organization created to supervise this service. 


In the Site you will be able to find different types of houses, apartments, rooms, in Havana city and in other places of the island which have a great variety among one and other, for all the likes, necessities and conditions. In all cases 1 or 2 rooms are offered with air conditioning; the great majority with private bathroom, many with refrigerator, TV and other comforts; some have a comfortable terrace, living room, dining room, balcony, etc., in occasions a patio with a Spanish colonial environment; other more modern ones, where you will always find a warm and welcoming atmosphere. 


A much requested product is the independent apartments and houses for the exclusive use of the guests. We have such apartments and houses in the main areas of Havana city and in other places. 

For those who travel with a limited budget we have economic and comfortable rooms at family homes. 

For the travelers that like of the luxury and the exclusivity we also have options. 


There are in the Web several other sites of Cuban houses that offer a diverse information, to them we owe gratitude for the valuable data that have allowed us to obtain.


The advantages of our site www.cubavacationpeople.com are: 

v  Most of our associates has around or more than 10 years of experience rendering lodging services. They are located in different neighborhood of Havana city or in different other places along the country, forming groups of around 5 near houses one to others. All are legalized.

v   You will be able to arrange the lease of their houses directly with the proprietor of the casa particular, by mail or telephone, without any doubt, since they are announced here without any middleman neither by any third person.

v  The Site makes the advertisement in Spanish that is our mother language and in English. Both are two of the more spoken languages in the world.

v  As we all live in Cuba, including the ones who daily operate the Site, we have the great advantage of having first hand in all moment information to upgrade what our Site discloses related with the tourist activity in Cuba and in particular with the listing of houses and announcements that can be upgraded completely in all moment, since owners of  the houses and of the Site are all of them here in Cuba and forming as a whole.

v  That in case of an unpredictable or a force majeur situation with your reservation, you can always be firmly sure that it will have the immediate attendance of our society of proprietors of casas particulares and that we will be able to give immediate attention to the solution of the arosen difficulty.

v  That if several travelers want to come in a group, we can achieve with easiness that all of them will get housed in some near casas particulares.  


We are a group which main objective is to inform and to arrange with a high quality the services for the traveler who wants to know our country and decides to travel to our island. The mission of the web site will be to promote the rent of lodgings of our casas particulares giving serious and honest information. To achieve these objectives we will select minutely our new ones associated of among legal proprietors that fulfill the conditions more demanded to offer a very best service to very competitive prices. The prices of these lodgings are below those that are offered by the hotel chains operating in Cuba.


The Site will facilitate the communication between the travelers and the owners of the houses, given the difficulties that many of us still have for a higher use of Internet connections.


The online reservation by means of Cuba Vacation People is 100% free and will be done basically in a direct way with the proprietors of the houses. In some cases they will make use of friends or other neighboring proprietors so that they could get the mail connections. You will pay for their lodging when arriving in Cuba, and you confirm that you feel comfortable and pleased in the chosen casa particular. 


The Site will facilitate the clients having the necessary information so that they could make appropriated decisions. We would like to ask our clients to understand that if for some reason client arrives in Cuba after the day agreed in the reservation, it can cause that the chosen house may be busy and lodging would be proposed to the traveler in the same area. That's why we ask for the confirmation of the trip at least 72 hours before the flight. On the other hand, as there is not previous payment for our reservations, the proprietor runs with the risk in the event of not taking place the client's presence in the agreed date. This affects the owner of the house in a multiple way because if owner stops renting his house he also loses the fixed monthly tax that he is obliged to pay to the State (renting or not the house).


All the personal information that you facilitate to us will only be used to contact you about your reservation in Cuba; we will never send you an e-mail that you haven’t requested from us (spam). Your e-mail address as well as any other information sent to us will be kept strictly confidential.


Associated to Cuba Vacation People proprietors won't process applications, if it is found that the applicant sent false information. 


All our offers are supported by their respective licenses for renting, foreseen by the Cuban laws for such cases. The particular houses (casas particulares) that are advertised in our site are legally authorized by the Cuban Government and all of them pay the corresponding tax to the State.


CubaVacation People has the back of a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals that is the one that executes the whole evaluation work and selection of the affiliating houses and the services that they offer. That team has enough preparation and  experience to lend you an useful advice in different matters: Cuban Culture, Music and  dance; Fine arts; Cuban Aute cuisine; Cuban food restaurant design; Special tour plans on Cuba; etc. So that your visit to Cuba would be highly profitable.


Most of the international flights arrive late in the evening and with the peak of the tourism in Cuba is something difficult to find good offers at those hours. Our process of the reservation is extremely simple. You can trust us, all the houses that we put at your disposal are safe, comfortable and they have the due license of the Cuban authorities to offer this type of service.


You may contact us through: webmaster@cubavacationpeople.com






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