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Lugares recomendados para comer económico en la Habana



Descripción: Descripción: Cafeteria del Hotel Habana Libre en VedadoDescripción: Descripción: Restaurante el Conejito






- El Conejito Restaurant, an English tavern specialized in plates with rabbit although they serve all type of foods.  M street and  17 street.

- La Roca Restaurant, 21 street, near Nacional de Cuba Hotel. Luxurious although economic restaurant, decoration in ebony wood, cloth tablecloths and livened up by a pianist to whom you can request for dedicating and interpreting in the magnificent grand piano the song that you want. They take their time in serving you, undoubtedly in Cuba it cannot be in great hurry.

- DINOS PIZZA, to eat very good pizzas and for good prices, beside Yara Cinema, (in front Habana Libre Hotel, down 23 street). With air condition.

- Restaurant and pizzeria "MARACAS", Big local with air conditioning and good place to eat all type of pastas and pizzas (lasagna, etc.). It is in 23 street near to O street.

- Habana Libre Hotel Cafetery has high price selected food. Is recommended  good size good taste hot sandwiches, for the price 7 CUC approximately.



- "ASOCIACION CANARIA", Restaurant ", in headquarter building of that association, in front of Bacardí building. Simple place but they serve with a lot of speed. They don’t have air conditioning but fan for every table. Very kind service.

- "LOS NARDOS" Restaurante, in headquarter building of Asturian Association, in front of Capitolio Nacional. 

It is a distinguished, wide place, with air conditioning, decoration in wood, intimate place where you can eat by the light of the candles. It is frequent to have to wait a little so that they give you table but it is worthwhile. They offer many different dishes. 

  They put a big quantity of food, so it is better to go directly to the main dish. If you request lamb for example to the oven, it is almost impossible to end up the dish that costs 7 CUC. 

- HANOI Restaurant located in Teniente Rey street, corner to Bernaza, Plaza del Santo Cristo del Buen Viaje, near to Capitolio. A place with tourist atmosphere, a part is covered and another part in a patio outdoors, music in direct. 

- Chinese restaurants. To whom who likes Chinese food or to eat shrimps or lobster we recommend to visit the Barrio Chino ("China Town") which is located near to the Capitolio walking toward Central Havana. There you can find a lot of restaurants. The Barrio Chino (Havana’s "China Town") is simply where many Chinese people lives and works.


In Cuba you may eat in state restaurants, where the prices are something high, or to eat in those "paladares" that are particular houses that give food with government's license. You can also reach an agreement in your casa particular for taking your meal there. Generally you can get good food for a good price with your casa particular owners. It is not advisable to eat in unknown houses or places.

  The food of bigger preference of the Cuban people is based, basically in the "congrí" (which is prepared with and black or red beans), banana plantain, pig meat that usually takes roasted or in "masses" (in small pieces) and in the exquisite salad and tropical fruits.

With 2 or 3 CUC you can go to the market to buy a great quantity of magnificent tropical fruits (papaya, guava, mango, pineapple, banana…) and surely you will be able to prepare at casa particular delicious juices or Macedonians for breakfast. If you give the money to your hosts they can surely buy them for you, but going to the market for fruits is an experience that is worthwhile to live.  

The fish and shellfish of tropical waters are quite good and you can eat up without any danger along the whole island. Generally In Paladares there are more attractive prices than in state restaurants.  



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