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At the present there are circulating in Cuba two currencies:

the Cuban Peso (MN) and the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC), both containing 100 cents.


The Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC) currently worth twenty-four Cuban Peso.  Banknotes of CUC are: 1, 3, 5, 10, 20, 50 and 100 CUC and coins of 1, 5, 10, 25, 50 and 100 cents (1 CUC).

Both the Cuban Peso and the Cuban convertible peso can only be obtained and used in Cuban territory. You can get CUC at your arrival in Cuba, changing Euros or Canadian dollars, British pounds or other currencies. The money exchange service is offered at airports, hotels, banks and exchange houses named CADECA, which are present along the island, some of these entities work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Cuban peso serves, for example, to buy vegetables or fruit in the "agromercados' or going to the movies, (the entrance is 2 Cuban pesos), theater, traveling in buses, eating in restaurants for Cubans etc.

The CUC - convertible peso (or "chavito" as it is popularly called) is used to pay for accommodation in hotel or casa particular (private house), in the shop, in supermarkets, in tourist restaurants, taxis, etc.

The Cuban peso is known as MN (Moneda Nacional)

The Convertible Peso is known as CUC and it is the currency circulating in the country for tourism and for the collection of foreign currencies.




Never carry out change of money to any person in the street. It is better to do it in the houses of change known as CADECA. 


Of them there is everywhere. 


How many Cuban Convertible Pesos can be obtained by changing the currency?

The change fluctuates depending on the fluctuation euro-dollar in the international markets. See the Web site of
Banco Metropolitano, (Cuban official Bank) with the official daily change to CUC for all currencies.


We strongly recommend that you change your money only in exchange houses (CADECA), in hotels or at banks. Do not change money on the street because there are scammers trying to change counterfeits or Cuban Pesos (MN), with a lower value, taking advantage of the ignorance of the traveler to differentiate between the Cuban Peso and the Cuban Convertible Peso as well as many other forms of fraud.

Here you can see how recognize the notes of the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC)



Descripción: $1CUC

Descripción: $3CUC

Descripción: $5CUC

Descripción: $10CUC

Descripción: $20CUC

Descripción: $50CUC

Descripción: $100CUC

$1 CUC

$3 CUC

$5 CUC

$10 CUC

$20 CUC

$50 CUC

$100 CUC

Some security features of CUC

• Watermark: under the name of the currency and the statue of José Martí visible light.
• Security thread: with the words "Patria o Muerte Venceremos" visible light.
• 5-pointed star with perfect coincidence in the front / back.


CUC is equal to the dollar in the international change rate, but the government burdens with additional 10% the change of the cash dollar to the CUC and also taking out money with credit card (*), (because it is previously converted to dollars), for what the best thing is to bring money cash in Euro.                  

The credit cards Visa, MasterCard, etc, are accepted whenever they are not emitted by banks of United States, but taking out cash with them has an obligation.                                                                


Take care of your cash money and keep lodged at legalized casas particulares. 


You will find that the exchange rate at airports is slightly less favorable, so it is best upon arrival only change what you might need in the early days. Later you can change the rest of your money in any bank, hotel or CADECA. So, change some money to CUC before leaving the airport, to pay taxi and first expenses.


When leaving Cuba, in the same airport there are banks and CADECA services where the remaining CUC can be changed to your original currency. 


Credit cards and travel checks are accepted whenever they are not emitted by North American banks (American Express) neither their branches in other countries. Are accepted without any problem those emitted by Spanish, European or Canadian banks: Visa International, MasterCard, Eurocard, CABAL and BFI.


In the case of traveling checks are accepted: Thomas Cook and Barclay 


Credit cards, ATMs & Traveler's Checks
In Havana you can find ATMs in many places. There are ATMs in most banks and major hotels and in some exchange houses (CADECA). You can also find ATMs in major cities such as Matanzas Cuba, Cienfuegos, Santiago de Cuba, or at resorts such as Varadero in the Keys. However, if you go visit some small town or village, be sure to take the necessary cash.

(*) Are accepted credit cards and travelers checks unless they are issued by U.S. banks (American Express) or their branches in other countries. Smoothly accepted those issued by Spanish banks, European and Canadian: Visa International, MasterCard, Eurocard, CABAL and BFI, but bring cash with them has a lien.
In the case of travelers checks are accepted from: Thomas Cook and Barclay
Take care of your cash and stay in private houses legalized.

More on Cuban Convertible Peso
Tourists and visitors can enter the country as much money as they wish, but if you intend to carry over $ 5,000 USD or its equivalent at departure, be sure to have declared such amount at customs on entry into the country.


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