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Main Cuban destination, the capital of Cuba is located in the north western coast of the island. It is bounded to the north by the Florida Strait. It is the greatest city in

the country and the smallest of all provinces. There are 15 municipalities in it. 9 of them are completely urban with an industrialized economy based also in commerce and tourism. The city has more than 15 km of coast in its area. The climate is warm and humid.

It was founded in 1519 and became the capital in 1553. It is a cosmopolitan city where the Spanish and Cuban culture mixed and has a great amount of history, culture and tradition. It is considered a noisy, coastal, open, joyful and unprejudiced city that has its own inner life.

The best way to get to Havana is through air with three international terminals. Visitors can also get to the city via the Hemingway and Tarará marinas. Walking Havana is a real pleasure.

Everything, from the beauty of the architecture to its buildings and the treasures of museums, invites you to get deeper within the street maze. In 1982, UNESCO declared Havana`s Historical Center a Heritage of Humanity. The world institution recognized the patrimonial values of the old city and its colonial fortresses, the elegance of churches and houses, the beauty of parks and squares that make of Old Havana a referential place to visit by tourists.

Havana is the main cultural location in Cuba. The cultural options in the capital comprise all sorts of examples of arts, literature, science and sports. In the city are located many internationally recognized institutions. In Havana take place the Ballet, Latin American Film, Guitar, Latin Jazz and some other international Festivals.

The capital has the country`s largest hotel infrastructure distinguished by a highly professional service. Havana has many 5 stars hotels including the famous Hotel Nacional de Cuba. In Havana there are definitely many options. Visitors can enjoy the beaches, night clubs, marinas, recreational parks, sport centers, trips and tours around the city. The city has many museums and theaters open to the public. At night-time, you can visit many interesting places in the colonial or modern areas of the city and dine in cozy and yet luxurious restaurants. The city is full of musical chords from international and Cuban music to be found at its many night clubs like the Tropicana cabaret. (Infotur)








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