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Hello, viajeros !


We feel happy and thankful for your visit to our site.


We seek to end up placing us in a high place in the recognition of our visitors, always thinking of what will be the best for interested people who come to us.


As many people knows, by State Ordinance, since 1997 Cuban house proprietors have the possibility of renting rooms to tourists, visitors and travelers along the whole island, calling these rents "Casas Particulares". Today exist thousands of casas particulares along the country.


At the end of 2009 our group of casas particulares proprietors decided to create our own Web Site, in Spanish and English languages, where we could disclose the service that we offer in our houses and show who we are and to give to know our telephones and addresses and our mail mailboxes where is possible to write to us in order to establish a direct communication.


Among us there is all kind of people: architects, teachers, doctors, artists, housewives, single moms or retired couples, etc. who comply with the basic norms demanded by the government organization created to supervise this service. 


In our Site you will be able to find different types of houses, apartments and rooms, located in Havana city and in other places along the island with a great diversity among them, for all the likes, necessities and conditions. In all the cases 1 or more rooms are offered with air conditioning; the great majority of them with private bathroom (all casas have a hot water shower), many with refrigerator, TV and other comforts; some have a comfortable terrace, living room, dining room, balcony, etc., in some cases a patio with a Spanish colonial environment; other more modern ones, where you will always find a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


A much requested product is the independent apartments for the exclusive use of the guests. We have such apartments in the main areas of Havana city and in other places.


For those who travel with a limited budget we have economic and comfortable rooms at family homes.


For the travelers who like of the luxury and the exclusivity we also have different options. 


There exist in the Web other places of Cuban houses that offer a diversity of information, to which we owe gratitude for the valuable data that have made possible us to obtain.


Advantages of our Site www.cubavacationpeople.com are:


  • Most of our associates have around or more than 10 years of experience in the lodging services. They are in different locations of Havana city and in other places of the country, making groups of around 5 near one to others houses. All are legalized. 


  • Through our Site you will be able to arrange the renting of our houses directly with the proprietor of the casa particular (the particular house), by mail or telephone, without any doubt, since they are announced here without any middleman neither for third person some.


  • The Site makes the advertising in Spanish which is our mother language and in English. Both of them are languages wide spoken in the world.


  • As we manage this Site and we live in Cuba, we have the great advantage of having in all moment first hand information to upgrade what our Site discloses related with the tourist activity mainly and in particular the listing of houses and announcements that can be upgraded completely in all moment, since the houses and the Site are a whole.


  • In case of arising an unpredictable situation with the reservation, you will always have the certainty that it will have the immediate attendance of our association of casa particular proprietors which will give immediate attention to the solution of any difficulty that may happen to you or to your reservation.


  • If you want to come in a group with some other travelers, you can easy achieve that every one may be housed at several near homes.


The trip to Cuba:


To travel to Cuba you will need a passport valid at least for 6 months starting from your entrance to Cuba. 


You should have also visa or entrance permission, or "tourist's card". Visas are emitted by Cuban consular offices in the diverse countries. "Tourist's cards" can be emitted by travel agencies authorized for the expedition of those documents. The visa and tourist's card are valid by a term of 30 days. Later on, if you want to extend your stay you may go to the Immigration offices and apply for it before the expiration of the visa, in order to request the extension of it.


Businessmen, journalists and people who don't come as tourists, should request a special Visa in the Cuban consulates. For the residents in the UNITED STATES, the entrance to the country is not notified in the passport.


The natural Cuban non residents in Cuba or with another nationality they don't require Visa to enter to the country.


The "Tourist Card" should be filled and given to the immigration official when you arrive in Cuba. He takes a part of it and the other part should be kept by you together with the passport and give it when leaving return, after paying the 25 CUC airport tax. The card is worth by one month. As exceptional case to the Canadian tourists it is good for them up to 3 months.


Arriving to casa particular


When arriving to the house you have rented, you will feel really welcome and in a truly hospital atmosphere. The owner will request your passport, to register the data in a form that you will sign, in the same way as the registration in a Hotel or resort. This government information is registered in the Office of local Cuban Immigration within 24 hours. The only other form you will have to sign is a receipt in the amount your lodging costs. Confirm the owner then and there how many nights you wish to stay and if you wish to eat dinner and breakfast. Casas particulares almost never serve lunches. But you can always ask, ahead preferably.

This will be the moment of the first encounter that you will be able to extend according to your interest. On the other hand, the proprietor will try to take advantage of that moment to tell you some useful information, profitable advice for a good stay, and he/she will try to know of your preferences in order to organize the attention to you.


But you will find in all the cases a total security and cleanliness, besides an atmosphere of coexistence and hospitality. The rates generally don't include the foods and may vary from 15 cuc to 45cuc and more for one or more persons sharing a room, (exchange rates on a daily basis from Cuba's Banco Metropolitano here) depending on the location, season and city. Legal bedroom capacity is not limited. There are no taxes payables by visitors on room rentals.


All services are payable in cash Cuban Pesos Convertibles only. Rates can be higher in Havana depending on the location, the Season of the Year if it is High (December, January, February, July and August) or if it is Low. Visitors get to use the living room and patio of course and, sometimes the kitchen.

Food and other services


At most of casas particulares breakfasts are offered by 3-5 CUC and some will serve a full course dinner Cuban traditional (chicken, fish, seafood, pork, with salad (tomatoes, cabbage, carrots, cucumber) and rice or black beans, a Cuban staple) for 6 to 12 cuc.

All people at casa particular will be ready and desirous of helping you with tourist information on the lease of a bicycle, etc. Most of they have telephones to call to a taxi or to recommend a local restaurant (called "paladar") or another particular house in another town that this in their itinerary. They also offer in the houses the service of clothes laundry for a low price. 


In fact, this is the best way to discover the true nature of the island. Contacts and more conversations can settle down easily in the intimacy of a home. This doesn't exist in the big ones complex hotel. 

In the stores in the whole island are a variety of products for sale. In them can be found to acceptable prices good quality white or red wines. The Cuban beer is of good quality (Cristal, Bucanero). If you want other slight drinks you will be able to find them of the level Ciego Montero and of other trade marks that have sodas of lime, of orange, of the type Sprite, mineral water, etc..

Electric current is 110 volts and 60Hz, the same as in the US and Canada but using only the two-prong, 50's and 60's era plug, not the three-prong including the round, ground prong. Buy an adaptor before leaving, especially if you're bringing a laptop or an appliance that only has the three-prong.

Europeans who do not have a (or have forgotten their) 110/220 adaptor are glad to know they can, in a bind, plug their 220V appliance (computer, hairdryer, whatever) into the wall plug used for the air-conditioning unit, which, in most Cuban casas, runs on 220.


To Reserve a House


Send an electronic mail by making clicking on our logo (it is shown below). This should open your e-mail application with the address being shown in the "To:" box. You will note that the actual address or the name of the house will be shown. In case of difficulties you will also be able to make it for telephone, in last case.


All the houses that we list have access to an electronic mail address. Have patience for the answer, because most of the owners of houses don't inspect their electronic mail daily. Just a part of them has connection at home. We don't show the electronic mail addresses directly in our lists - we use clickable images - to avoid the Cubans to be spam victims taken place by hunters of addresses that today are plentiful.


 Click for booking


If you wish to do it:


-          Phone the owners directly from your country: international phone rates to Cuba may seem dear to some, but it should not take you more than two minutes to call direct to Cuba and have sufficient time to book by human voice.


-          Dialing from Canada or the USA 011 53 (add city code and phone number).
Dialing from Europe, UK and Mexico 00 53 (add city code and phone number)


-          If it finally gets difficult, we suggest you to write to our webmaster and he will attend you immediately. Remember that this website is a part, a tool of our association of casa particular owners.




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